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Air Quality Maintenance

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Most furnaces and AC units are forced air systems which means they deliver a burst of air into a room via ducts and vents. While this is a convenient way to supply a room with heated and cooled air, it also means an increase in the risk for debris and dander to enter into an area. Because of the added exposure to irritants when operating an HVAC system, an air quality improvement plan should be implemented.

Improving air quality means removing the dander and debris as much as possible then sealing the HVAC duct system as much as possible to prevent further exposure. The maintenance and tune-up aspect of our furnace and AC services does a great job of removing debris by cleaning all the moving parts of your HVAC unit. Air quality services will go above and beyond that however.

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Air Cleaner Installation

Instead of removing debris after the fact, an air cleaner installation can essentially zap them in real time. Modern air cleaners also have monitors that issue air quality reports so you can see the amount of different types of pollutants in your home’s atmosphere. It’s important to know that clean air not only helps breathing, but also reduces the risk of damage to the HVAC system, electronics, walls, hardwood flooring, etc.

Duct Cleaning

It’s not enough to clean the debris off a furnace or AC air handler because debris can still be picked up on the passageway. This is why duct cleaning is an important part of a thorough air quality service.


Humidification of your home adds moisture when there isn’t any present during dry months. A dry atmosphere will cause itchy skin and eyes but will also effect home features by peeling wallpaper and cracking drywall. Humidified air also feels warmer which will allow you to turn down your furnace a few degrees, thus saving wear and energy bills.


On the flip side of humidification which adds moisture to the air is dehumidification, which removes water from the atmosphere. Excess moisture can be very damaging to a home and the people inside of it. Moisture creates a hot, sticky air but also harbors mold growth which can damage walls and ceilings and irritate the sinuses and lungs of many people.

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