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Cooling Systems

Your cooling system is important not only because it delivers relieving air on hot days, but also because it conditions that air to remove humidity. The dehumidification of air makes breathing easier and helps to avoid moisture damage and mold exposure to your walls and home features.

Our cooling services include new installation as well as regular maintenance. An annual tune-up can save you hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessarily high energy bills and will ensure that your AC is running as intended – thus increasing its life span. There are many types of modern, energy-efficient options for new AC installations so give us a call to go over the new choices available since your last AC purchase.

Air Conditioner Installation

We specialize in all aspects of new air conditioner installation. Central air conditioner systems provide the most optimum comfort levels whether you are building new, adding on to your home, or just want to upgrade from your current air conditioner setup.

Our new air conditioner installations include putting in the outdoor condenser unit, the indoor air handler system, and running the duct work that delivers this conditioned air to any and all rooms in your home.

Ductless Split Systems

Another option for air conditioning if you are adding on or remodeling is ductless split systems. These are essentially mini versions of the standard AC with an outdoor condenser that can supply cooled air in up to five different zones. The ductless split systems deliver cooled air through a refrigerant line running from the condenser to an indoor air handler. This allows the homeowner to bypass duct work resulting in less energy loss and a purer air quality. Ductless split systems are popular when finishing a garage or basement or when you want to control cooled air delivery to only one or a few rooms in the home at a time.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Arguably the most important service that we offer is our air conditioner maintenance package. Maintenance helps to protect your current AC investment which saves you money from extensive repairs in the long run. Older air conditioners can be incredible energy drains if not cleaned, lubed, and inspected on an annual basis which could be driving up your utility bills without you even realizing it. Maintenance tasks such as changing the air filters are crucial to delivering optimum air quality which is incredibly important with forced air HVAC systems.

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