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Heating Systems

While an air conditioner is an important home feature mostly for comfort, a furnace is essentially mandatory for safety reasons. We all enjoy nestling up in a warm home when the temperatures drop outside so making sure the furnace fires up when and how it is intended becomes especially crucial.

The heating services that we offer include a variety of new installation options. In addition to that our maintenance package and 24/7 repairs are key to the continued operation of your furnace throughout the bitter cold months. We recommend an annual inspection before the Winter months just to make sure the down time hasn’t caused damage to your furnace. There’s a real sound peace of mind in knowing that your furnace will start as intended that first chilly day of the season.

Furnace Installation

We offer installation services whether you’re replacing an old furnace that has broken down or you’re looking at new installation options for energy efficiency increases. Some homeowners see needing to replace a furnace as a catastrophe but the truth is that modern energy efficient models will actually see a decrease in your utility bills. When you have energy efficiency in the 90% range or more your Winter heating bills can literally be hundreds of dollars lower with a new installation (depending on the model you are replacing).

Furnace Maintenance

The way to avoid an unnecessarily early furnace replacement is by contracting regular furnace maintenance. It is recommended that before the Winter begins you have [Company Name] inspect your existing heating system for any damages that may have occurred over the Summer (frayed wires, leaks, parts malfunction). It is also the optimum time to clean and lubricate the moving parts of the furnace so that they have less strain during the busy heating season.

Boiler Installation

We also specialize in the installation and repairs of boiler heating systems. We specialize in hot water and steam boilers including new Smart units that can obtain up to 95% efficiency or more (which was formerly unprecedented with boilers).

Heat Pumps

AC Repair can also install heat pumps as a form of alternative or back-up heating. A heat pump works to force warm air into a cold area. They are essential in geothermal units and smaller spaces such as basements or garages. High efficiency heat pumps can be a great way to reduce the strain on your furnace which in turn increases the life span of both devices.

Zoned Heating

Another aspect of our heating services includes the installation of zoned heating controls. With zoned heating you can reduce your utility bills by only fully heating rooms that are occupied. Modern applications include touch screen controls and WiFi capabilities so that you can operate the zoned heating system via a Smart phone or tablet.

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